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Monday, July 15, 2013

Time and Attendance/Payroll Integration....How easy can it really be???


4 Factors of Headache-Free Payroll Integration

Facilitate no-fuss system integration for 2013

As we enter third quarter, now is the ideal time to consider integrating payroll, HR and time and attendance systems to have them up and running and thoroughly tested by January 1st.

Payroll system integration offers several advantages, including faster data-sharing, up-to-the-minute reporting, easy information updating and enhanced interdepartmental collaboration.

Integration sounds like a headache? Look for a solution that offers four key factors to keep integration headache-free:

  • Easy integration of existing systems instead of migrating to a totally new solution
  • Seamless data reporting and sourcing for faster information sharing
  • Simplified data management so changes only need to be entered once
  • Unified interface to keep you from signing into multiple systems

Learn more about how to integrate workforce management systems by downloading the free white paper Workforce Management: Effectively Integrating HR, Payroll and Timekeeping Systems »

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