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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Comply with the Affordable Healthcare Act with PeopleForce Solutions

Why Your Time and Attendance System Matters NOW

 Beginning in 2014, applicable large employers will be required to report the full-time status of each employee to the IRS. That means the majority of employers who use a 12-month measurement period will rely on 2013 time records to make an accurate determination. The best way to capture accurate time histories is by employing a reliable time and attendance system.

The right time and attendance system will provide employers with accurate hourly calculations to determine the appropriate status of employees, as well as providing other workforce management benefits such as reducing administrative costs and driving productivity.

With the key features noted below, employers can execute an effective determination proces and make accurate decisions about employee status: 

Automatic FTE and average weekly hour calculations
Tools and reports to streamline scheduling for more effective part-time worker management
Screens for reviewing employee status
Budgeting for scheduled and actual hours
Web access, giving managers 24/7 access to reports and tools
Dashboard interface for managers with status alerts
Employee self-service, allowing employees to directly capture hours worked for accurate time reporting
Built-in reporting functionality to run custom or pre-designed determination process reports, providing a valuable paper trail of the organization’s determination efforts

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