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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Employee Self-Service……..Empower your employees. ANYWHERE!

Employee Self-Service, widely known in the industry as ESS is a service that provides your employees a wealth of information that they can access anywhere, from any internet ready device.  Employees can access their own real time work information such as timecards, schedules, benefit balances, and more.  This takes a considerable amount of pressure off of your human resources and management team.  Empowering your employees to access their own work information stops the constant chasing of benefit balances and timecard inquiries. 
This powerful feature can also automate leave requests when paired with the leave management system.  ESS and leave management are like peanut butter and jelly, and the ESS is the jelly, it really sweetens the deal!  Allowing your workers to make a vacation request from a home PC while planning with the family, and providing a manager with immediate electronic notification of the request, goes down really easy!

Read more about a customizable fit using E.S.S., and how this automation can allow you to save precious time and BIG DOLLARS!