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Thursday, February 14, 2013

There’s a new sheriff in town…….and it’s Time and Attendance!!!!

Police your employee’s attendance habits through Attendance on Demand’s Incidents and Points module.

Incidents & Points is a powerful optional module available for use with the industry-leading Attendance on Demand system. Incidents & Points rewards conscientious employees and flags and notifies employees who need management intervention. Each company can decide how positive or negative an attendance event is for the organization.

Attendance on Demand fully integrated Incidents & Points module offers companies consistent enforcement and application of attendance policies, and will support each company’s attendance policies.

This robust capability allows you to review reports daily, weekly, or monthly to check for trends of tardiness, missing punches, and absences.  As well as provide individual reports of these trends for reviews or disciplinary meetings.  This module can assist your management team in maintaining productive employees, and fairly policing those who may be costing the company through less than stellar attendance.

Read more about using the Incidents and Points module, and how you can really lay down the law easily, fairly and consistently!